At Fidelity, we are committed to safeguarding the health and well-being of our associates, clients, and candidates. We are actively monitoring the situation related to COVID-19 and are continuing to hire in order to serve our clients around the globe. To ensure your safety as a job candidate, we will be relying on virtual interviewing and other digital communications. Our recruiting team is committed to providing the support you need throughout the hiring and onboarding process. We appreciate your understanding and flexibility during this time.

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What's it like at Fidelity in Artificial Intelligence? We'll give you the tools to make a difference on a massive scale, applying data science to create real-world solutions that help millions of customers live the lives they want. Here are some of the things you could do:

  • Make an impact through interesting, novel and complex use cases with tangible outcomes that affect our customers' financial lives
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  • Partner with key institutions as part of a leading AI research team to solve problems before anyone else
  • Collaborate in a seamless environment: data scientists work directly with engineers and product managers
  • Be part of the AI Center of Excellence, work in an agile squad / tech ops

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Business Strategy & Operations

Solve our most critical business challenges.

What's it like at Fidelity in Business Strategy & Operations? You'll be part of a team that's always looking for ways to improve performance and efficiency. Intelligent professionals who push the limits of technology and drive some of the most innovative projects in the financial industry. From business analysis, project management, consulting and payroll to retirement services and operations, you'll ensure the successful completion of critical projects that help millions of people achieve financial success – across the globe. Here are some of the things you could do:

  • Deploy technologically-advanced project deliverables
  • Provide the scalability and flexibility to enter emerging markets and deliver value across boundaries
  • Address strategic and operational business issues
  • Ensure the flawless delivery of all business transactions
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Customer Service

screenshot of Customer Service video


What's it like at Fidelity in Customer Service? This is an environment that's all about building relationships. Making trusted connections with your customers, acting with empathy and understanding their long-term goals. Every day, you'll do what's best for them, helping to improve their financial lives using a full range of innovative financial products, solutions and insights, as well as the resources of one of the world's largest financial services firms. Here are some of the things you could do:

  • Guide a client through a difficult situation and explain their options
  • Field a question about plan options
  • Assist with enrollments

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Finance & Accounting

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Enabling our business to drive growth.

What's it like at Fidelity in Finance & Accounting? Your work will impact every area of the company, delivering the critical information we need to chart our course. You'll dig deep into the numbers to analyze opportunities and identify key drivers to accelerate financial growth. Whether it's entering emerging markets or creating new business opportunities, you'll be part of a dynamic team that drives the success and longevity of a global financial services company. Here are some of the things you could do:

  • Interpret data and predict future trends
  • Prepare balance sheets and tax audits
  • Guide business-critical decisions that result in positive financial outcomes
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Financial Planning


Build relationships and improve your clients' lives.

What's it like at Fidelity in our Financial Planning offices? People-focused. Collaborative. Driven. Our financial planning offices are the face of Fidelity. And each one is filled with talented, energized team members who are dedicated to delivering the best customer experience. Whether it's personal needs-based investment guidance, wealth management, retirement planning, income strategies or college planning services, you'll have a full range of products, solutions and support to offer customers. Here are some of the things you could do:

  • Provide consultative investment and financial planning guidance
  • Manage high-net-worth client accounts and account teams
  • Act as a liaison between the customers and Fidelity to drive customer satisfaction

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Human Resources

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What's it like at Fidelity in Human Resources? We're focused on Fidelity's greatest asset – our associates. Every day, we're working on new ways to increase retention and encourage the growth and development of our people so they have the support and encouragement they need to blaze their own trail. With opportunities in a broad range of areas, your business knowledge and insights will empower our workforce, shaping and influencing the future of Fidelity's human capital for years to come. Here are some of the things you could do:

  • Work on new talent attraction strategies
  • Partner with the business on workforce strategies
  • Develop innovative onboarding experiences
  • Create retention programs
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screenshot of investment video

Deliver industry insight and expertise to millions of people.

What's it like at Fidelity in our Investment division? This is a fast-paced, resource-rich environment. A place where doing what's best for our clients is the only way we do things. Our investment and investment support professionals work directly with customers, providing comprehensive wealth management planning. From fund management to compliance to risk oversight, your work will help clients achieve their investment goals. Here are some of the things you could do:

  • Investment research
  • Portfolio management
  • Trading
  • In-depth reporting and analysis

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Marketing & Communications


Bring the Fidelity Brand to Life.

What's it like at Fidelity in Marketing & Communications? Inspiring. Innovative. And of course, filled with creativity. As the brand ambassadors for Fidelity, we drive our consumer-focused messaging and amplify it for millions of people worldwide. You'll brainstorm fresh ideas, take risks and collaborate with other brilliant and imaginative minds. This is where you can develop groundbreaking, award-winning work and high-impact digital experiences. Here are some of the things you could do:

  • Build compelling digital content
  • Develop videos, podcasts and blogs to connect with our customers
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Product Development & Management

Redefine the evolution of financial solutions.

What's it like at Fidelity in Product Development & Management? Entrepreneurial. Collaborative. Driven. Each and every person is empowered to make sure our investment products are meeting the needs of customers. And you'll be challenged to create new solutions – ones that innovate and transform the industry. From the development and management of alternative investment products for intermediary clients to cutting-edge personal investing tools, your insights, thought leadership and vision will help our clients reach their investing goals. Here are some of the things you could do:

  • Identify and implement tactical improvements to our tools and processes
  • Generate new ideas and services
  • Lead the full product lifecycle
  • Analyze trading and market data for a client request
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Risk Management

screenshot of risk video

Mitigate risk to empower a fast and effective business.

What's it like at Fidelity in Risk Management? Challenging. And always evolving. From legal and corporate security to compliance and auditing, these roles touch every department and every business unit – helping to improve the efficiency of our entire company. Whether it's launching new growth initiatives and enhancing operational performance, or ensuring the global security of our technological infrastructure, your work will be critical to maintaining Fidelity's reputation as one of the world's leading financial services firm. Here are some of the things you could do:

  • Create risk management programs to secure seamless operations
  • Develop compliance processes
  • Help executives make critical business decisions
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sales & relationship management


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  • Collaborate with internal business partners, acting as a voice for the customer
  • Sponsor and participate in client seminars and events to increase our customers' business
  • Distribute products through financial advisors and investment professionals nationwide
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Home Technology video screenshot

Define the future of financial innovation.

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